Dr Carolyn Candido's Integrative Wellness Services


1. Hormone Replacement: Hormone pellets are an effective way to naturally boost testosterone and estradiol levels. Hormone pellets are small implants that release hormones into the body over time. Integrative hormone therapy is just one option for hormone replacement.

What are my options in Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy used as menopausal hormone therapy or postmenopausal hormone therapy, is a form of hormone therapy used to treat symptoms associated with menopause. 

3 Ways I treat my patients for hormone therapy are: 

-Hormone Cream

-Hormone Pills

-Hormone Pellets

What is hormone replacement therapy and why do you need it? 

Hormone replacement therapy is used for men and for women. When you're experiencing the natural decline in your hormones during menopause for women as well as andropause for men, hormone replacement therapy is offered. This helps produce more vitality and balance with your hormones. 

When women go through menopause, if hormone replacement therapy is pursued, it will produce more energy, less insomnia, and also less hot flashes. These undesirable symptoms usually resolve with hormone replacement therapy for most women. Hormone replacement therapy using BioTe Pellets can also help reduce depression or anxiety. And when it comes to the libido and sex drive, hormone replacement helps a lot for men and for women.

2. Health Scan: Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic scan done once a year that can identify the root cause of your symptoms, so you can prevent disease before it starts. Thermography scans are vital in your integrative wellness screening.  

3. Hair Restoration: Hair loss is a problem that affects many people. While there are treatments available, they aren’t always effective. A new treatment called PRP (platelet rich plasma) has been shown to stimulate hair growth in patients with thinning hair. PRP is just another service offered for your wellness.  

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