New Direct Integrative Care Program

The new Direct Integrative Care Program will be offered with Dr Carolyn Candido. This program will allow you to receive the medical help and care you need and desire. 

There are three problems that patients are facing today in Medicine: 

1. Being able to see your doctor 

You have to wait up to six months to see your primary care physician.

2. You get to see PA or nurse practitioner instead seeing your primary care physician.

Because of the Exodus of primary care doctors due to the low insurance reimbursement.

3. You don't get to ask your integrative questions

Especially around hormones. Many of these providers even doctors are unfamiliar on how to treat hormone as well as thyroid and weight loss. 

So, if you are sick and tired and tired of not being able to see your doctor....

Get the Integrative care primary program through Dr Carolyn Candido.

* You'll be able to meet with Dr. Carolyn one-on-one | four times a year.

* Get direct tech support. So, you'll be able to do get answers to your questions through text message.

* You'll get accountability and follow up when it comes to things like weight loss hormones and energy sleep.

* Customize protocols every month that will address to your needs

For more information please check out our homepage and follow our social platforms: InstagramTik Tok, and LinkedIn. Looking forward to connecting with you and helping you on your integrative wellness journey.