I’ve always known the immune system was key to longevity. One of my biggest wakeup calls was when I tested my own Natural Killer Cell function, the scoring was from 0 to 2000, mine was 71 and my 77 year old patient had a score of 3462. Needless to say I was concerned, I figured stress and lack of sleep were the cause of the low score. Ever since that test result, I have been on a quest to understand  and boost the immune system. There are 3 important systems of the body to consider to boost the immune system.

The Thymus

The Thymus gland is the T cell training ground. T cells play a central role in cell-mediated immunity which identifies foreign invaders and cancer cells. As people age the thymus gland begins to deteriorate and there is a decrease in immunity which can increase the risk of infection and reduce the response to vaccines. One only has to look at the Covid-19 to see the relationship between age and immune function. I have been using a thymus derived peptide called Thymosin Alpha 1 that can augment the T cell function to fight off infections and has been used as a cancer treatment.

The Lymphatic system

If the Thymus gland is the training ground for the immune system, then the lymphatics are the highway. The lymphatic system helps to the body get ride of waste and transport lymph fluid, a fluid containing T cells, throughout the body. Imagine if you have a traffic jam of cellular waste and the T cells are unable to get through. This can lead to problems such as cancer, obesity and neurological issues. We can help keep the lymphatics clean by drinking lots of warm water, eating an alkaline diet with lots of vegetables and avoiding toxins in our food and water.

The Liver

The liver is a key, immune tissue. Ideally positioned to detect pathogens entering the body via the gut, the liver can detect, capture, and clear bacteria, viruses, and macromolecules. The liver is also a major site of extrathymic T cell development as we age and involved in innate immunity and adaptive immunity. Tylenol suppresses the immune system because it depletes the liver of glutathione in the liver which is needed for T cell function. I recommend avoiding use of Tylenol and supplementing with Glutathione to boost the immune system. I also recommend a Liver Detox with herbs such as milk thistle. artichoke leaf. dandelion root periodically to boost the immune system, increase energy and get ride of toxins.


The secret to longevity is in a healthy immune system. Immune dysfunction leads to the inability of the body to identify cancerous cells and infections like Covid-19. The American diet, stress and toxins can clog the lymphatics system and stresses the liver, which contributes to immune suppression. We live in a toxic world, so it is very important to make sure our food is more alkaline and our water is clean, so we can support the body in detoxing and strengthen the immune system.

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