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I empower patients to become heroes in their health journey, instead of victims of their disease. I am not the healer, you are! These are my 5 pillars of health:

  1. Nutrition: Nutritional deficiencies can contribute to illness from fatigue, anxiety, depression, diabetes, hypothyroid. I test for micronutrient deficiencies through either Vibrant labs, Spectracell or Genova diagnostics to create a customize diet and supplementation plan.
  2. Treat infection: Leaky gut can lead to autoimmune conditions, fatigue, depression, anxiety, brain fod etc. I perform both stool and urine testing to look for Candida and SIBO, then treat with natural supplements.
  3. Remove Toxins: Heavy metals, pesticides and environmental toxins can suppress the immune system leading to chronic infection and cancer. I test for toxins with Great Plains, Doctor’s Data and Quicksilver Scientific to create a customized detox protocol.
  4. Sleep: Healing requires rest. At least 8 hours a night. I recommend a variety of herbal supplements such as melatonin, valerian root, Magnesium, Kava, Chamomile etc. In addition to yoga, meditation, and limiting screen time before bed.
  5. Resiliency: Emotional trauma and stress can affect your neurotransmitters, cortisol levels, thyroid and hormones causing depression, anxiety, chronic pain and chronic fatigue. I utilize neurotransmitter testing from Sabre Science to correct imbalances in cortisol and neurotransmitters so you can better respond to stress.
  6. Biochemical: I balance hormones, thyroid, adrenals and neurotransmitters through bioidentical hormones and supplements.