We all remember the movie “ERIN BROCKOVICH” in which she fights PG&E regarding contamination of a small town with Chromium-6 which cause numerous cases of cancer. Find out if your local water supply is contaminated at EWH. You can remove Chromium-6 with reverse osmosis home water filters. I did a comparison of Reverse osmosis home water filters: AQUATRU VS. AQUASANA.

Both systems use Reverse Osmosis Technology to remove heavy metals and chemicals from your tap water.
  • AquaTru has been tested and certified to remove over 74 contaminants by IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials www.iapmo.org). 
  • AQUASANA is NSF certified to reduce 88 harmful contaminants including Chromium-6. 

The biggest difference is the price tag and endorsements. If brand is important, then AquaTru was endorsed by Erin Brockovich herself. If you want more value, I recommend Aquasana.

  • Aquatru is $449
  • Aquasana is $99


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