3 ways to reduce EMF (Electromagnetic field) exposure during the holidays. Examples of EMF waves are from radio or television, cell phones, microwaves, power supplies and wireless devices.

1. Unplug: I like to go on retreats for the holidays in areas with no WiFi or cell phone coverage. I always feel more rested afterwards. If you can’t unplug completely turn off WiFi and put your phone on airplane mode before you go to bed. Don’t sleep with devices (cell phone, laptop, charger, Ipad) next to your head and compare the quality of your sleep.

2. Skip the microwave: Microwaves not only destroys the nutrients in the food, but can expose you to carcinogenic toxins released from plastic or paper wrappers and radiation leakage. Stand at least 3-4 feet from microwaves when in use. Instead of reheating your food in the microwave, use the stove or the oven. I heat my food at home and use a thermos to keep it warm for lunch at work.

3. Opt out of the body scanner: Even though the Backscatter X-ray body scanner (which uses high intensity ionizing radiation) has been replaced with a millimeter wave units (similar to a microwave), we still don’t know the long term side effects of low-levels of non-ionizing radiation.The World Health Organization in 2011 classified non-ionizing radiation such as millimeter waves or microwaves, as 2B, which means possibly carcinogenic to humans.

Remember the effects of radiation are cumulative, most studies that are done are short term.

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